Adam Hochfelder Biography

Adam Hochfelder is the current Managing Director of Real Estate Acquisitions & Development at Merchants Hospitality. As the managing director of Real Estate Acquisitions & Development, he was responsible for the Merchants Hospitality’s acquisition of the Global Hospitality & Restaurant Brand, Philippe Chow located in NYC and East Hampton.
Before joining Merchants Hospitality Adam Hochfelder was one of NY's most powerful executives, with a commercial real-estate portfolio of seven million square feet, and shaping the real estate market. Known as the real estate industry "wunderkind", Mr. Hochfelder was one of the youngest people ever chosen to serve on the Real Estate Board of New York.
Adam was born 1971 in Old Westbury, New York and was raised in a modest upbringing. He strived to achieve great things ever since he was a child. After finishing high school he enrolled at Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Eager to achieve great things, Adam Hochfelder got his first job before obtaining his university degree. It was an internship position at a renewed real-estate company that helped him build his professional career. After he equipped himself with knowledge and experience, Adam took a risk and decided to start his own company.
In 1996 Max Capital was founded and led by him to quickly become one of New York’s most popular real estate companies. Soon, Adam Hochfelder earned a reputation of a real estate star executive with amazing achievements and bright future ahead of him. Before the age of 30, Adam Hochfelder was able to get appointed at the Real Estate Board of New York and to join the NYC’s Economic Development Committee, invited by no other than Mayor Michael Bloomberg himself.
As a real estate executive Mr. Hochfelder has funded the development of several organizations and has received numerous awards and recognitions for his philanthropic work.

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