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Best Places to Buy Real Estate

In case you are thinking about purchasing a real estate property, we recommend that you take a look at these real estate markets, suggested by New York real estate managing director Adam Hochfelder. Wealthy people from all around the world are always looking for new investments, and for many that means investing in the United States real estate market. A recent survey conducted on over 30 00 people from all around the world, showed once again that America is the most desired destinations for living.
Some of the things that gave America advantage over the other countries were innovation, opportunities, and livelihood, but compared to other, America falls behind in democracy ruling and global conduct. According to Hochfelder's articles for Bigger Pockets, the current political and economic situation, also helped America rank on the top. The survey included over 20 developed countries, and a few developing countries, that play different, but important roles in international relations,…

The After Effects of Real Property Acquisition and Development

The typical acquisition is a fairly short process, where normally the parties involved walk away after closing. But sometimes the effects of an acquisition stay longer and linger on the buyer. After a deal has been made, the buyer owns the property and has to live with its flaws, while the seller can have some exposure to liability for non-disclosure, environmental contamination, etc. Satisfying the parties’ reasonable expectations in these areas is a major part of the negotiation that purchase agreements include. During the past couple of years, the general outlook on real estate acquisitions has shifted from the traditional point of view. Due to that, more and more often, we see potential buyers seeking guidance from real estate experts. Adam Hochfelder currently serves as the Consultant of Real Estate Acquisitions & Development at Merchants Hospitality, but prior to that, he was one of America’s most famous real estate executives. Now he uses his industry knowledge and experie…