Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Real Estate Star Adam Hochfelder with a Mission Statement

After several hot years the real estate market is starting to move at a slower speed, but as a sign of encouragement real estate executive Adam Hochfelder has a message for the real estate agents. “A new opportunity can be brought out of every change; all you have to do is look for it”. This star of New York real estate business has stuck to this advice his entire life. Now that he is serving as the Managing Director of Real Estate Acquisitions & Development at Merchants Hospitality and a member of NYCDH, Hochfelder found a new way to train and educate agents and broker on how to build better relationships with their potential customers, and run their businesses more professionally in general.

Held online, without any financial reimbursement, his classes are small, with up to 20 agents, and in order to customize his advice and activities according to the agent’s level of experience. That’s why he usually forms smaller groups with similarly experienced agents. As part of his goal to help them increase their profits in the six month period after the course completeness, Adam Hochfelder regularly checks on their progress in reaching their goal. And as he laughs about it, “most of the time they aren’t too excited about my calls”.

But the reason why he insists on such proactive approach is because he believes that learning how to hold yourself accountable is one of the things that helped him build his success, both as a real estate executive with a portfolio valued at as much as $2.7 billion in its peak, and as a the Managing Director of Real Estate Acquisitions & Development at Merchants Hospitality where he has completed multiple transaction resulting in hundreds of millions in acquisition and assemblage.

If you invest time, efforts and discipline to keep contact with current and prospective customers, always be ready to reply fast, efficiently and in accordance to their needs and demands, you can turn profits regardless of the economy or the stage of development of your business venture. These are all lessons that Hochfelder learned firsthand, and although it took some time to master them, still they helped him become the business professional that he is today.